Sunday, January 7, 2007

Those who made me who I am

And now I see what I really am, a thief, a whore, and a liar.

- Farther Away, Evanescence

I am all and none of the above at the same time, it all depends on who you ask I guess. Or who tells you in some cases. My reputation in some circles is colourful to say the least.

The cast of my ongoing melodrama I call life, in no particular order -

  • Myself. Self explanatory. I'm telling the story, so I guess it makes me narrator and inspiration all in one. Things may or may not have happened differently, I just tell it how I see it.

  • Soul Mate - referred to here on in as SM. Whether or not they exist is yet to be proved/disproved. If they do, he is/was mine. The one who makes my heart skip a beat when I hear his voice, and made my heart stop as he held me. Our romance was short and passionate. Like a sparkler, it was bright, and beautiful yet over too soon. I may go into further detail of this, but as it is a fresh wound, this will come in time. He is the one I pine for, and the one I cry myself to sleep over. Even now I would stop a bullet for him without a second thought.

  • House Mate - referred to here on in as HM. My ex landlord and lover. The source of some of the madness, and some of the pain. A twisted situation with a twisted person. He is someone I wish I had never met, yet would not have had the experiences I have if I hadn't. He is the worst thing for me, yet the most addictive. I've given him up now, but like a stone thrown into the water, he still causes ripples.

  • The Ex Boyfriend - referred to here on in as EB. Yes, I had another lover. I am young, and I now realise most of my trouble amounted from my lovers. I loved them all differently, and at separate times. The ex... how does one sum him up? This boy is a entry all to himself. We dated for many months, and then she came alone. I won't even dignify her with a name. We fought, as many couples do, and decided to go on hiatus from the relationship. I met SM and found the instant connection I had never felt with the EB, and one thing developed into another. The EB was highly jealous, and caused a fair amount of trouble for myself and my new partner. He still causes trouble while I am trying to repair things with my SM. He refuses to let go, and taunts me through his actions and my pain.

  • The Male Friend - referred to here on in as MF. Another lover (oh how they do keep popping up) of long ago. One of my closest friends, and my closest male friend. Friend of all the above, and acquaintance of SM. Privy to my most private thoughts and fears, shoulder I have soaked in millions of tears, and person I know will love me regardless.

  • Random friends and well wishers - these will pop up randomly during the blog. Their stories will follow all in due time.

Please don't comment about the fact I have had many lovers, I have had comparably few to many I know, and besides, this is my story.

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