Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's been a while

In case anyone cares, the previous friday went slightly better than planned. Of course, then the EB had to come in and destroy everything so I don't feel like discussing it as yet.

* * * * *

I found out what I thought was nerves was actually food poisoning, and spent the better part of friday night and saturday becoming re-acquainted with my previous meals. Two days without eating wasn't as much of a challenge as I first thought, so I have kicked the diet into place with full force. I'll keep a record to see how I go, and see if I hit my target by my birthday.

Current stats as of 15/1/2007 -
Height - 5'7 -> I don't see that changing somehow
Weight - 54 kilos
Clothing - a 10 causes a muffin top, a 12 requires a belt or hitching.

Goal as of 7/4/2007 -
A size 8-10, and around the 48 kilo mark.

It's mainly toning I need, around the belly and legs more than actual fat loss. I've cut out chocolate (no great loss to me), fried snacks, salt and binge alcohol. No snacking between meals, and portions half the size I normally enjoy. That and the obvious gym work and exercise when work allows it. Pity I'm single, a good hard fuck is such a pleasant way to exercise. May I add here, no I am not looking for any "workout" partners of any description, I still have my eyes on the prize. I don't give up that easily, especially when I find something I want.

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Chris Angelico said...

I miss Miss Mokinku. Where are you? Nothing new on the blog, never seen in Thresh... You better come down to Melbourne this year, or I'll start wondering if you still exist!

Can't be bothered logging in, but for some reason the internet doesn't know who I am yet. I'm famous! You should know me! The routers should implicitly KNOW who I am! (Okay, even geeks are allowed to be utterly irrational sometimes.)