Sunday, January 7, 2007

And so the truth is revealed

Yes, I am Mokinku.

Hardly earth shattering news unless you play Threshold, and then if you do it's probably even less so. I had a wonderful run with Belaraiya, but playing a character that has as many personality flaws as my own became tiring. It was best for her to leave on a high, while I still enjoyed playing Thresh.

I discussed it at length over coffee at Austhresh with Rowgor and Korg, by length I mean it was a snap decision over coffee while waiting for my departure time for the airport home. Funny, as I remember it she was going to be a catfolk Ebon, or maybe an attempt at an application for a Rogue, I even wrote her story and application while flying home from Mel borne... when I got my approval for a new character, she completely changed into what she is now - a dyadic psion with a speech impediment, and an almost numbing shyness. It's almost as though she is Bela's polar opposite, which is quite fun. Dear Bel, she was fun with her ranting and raving, and most importantly her fly off the handle temper.

Playing a semi mute character can be a challenge, but a joy at the same time. It forces me to be more creative in my role play, and puts me in a totally different head space to the one I was in with Bela, which at this given moment is a blessing

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Chris Angelico said...

Hi Mokinku, and whatever other names I know you by! *hug*

I know I'm a fair way away geographically, but any time you want someone to unload onto, I'm here. Of course, you do have to contend with some geekiness, but if you get past that, I do have a solid shoulder to cry on.